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Frequency Range. 90 - 34.000 kHz Power. 100/120/220/240 VAC 50/60 Hz 35VA max. 12 VDC 25W max. Back to JRC Next receiver Last modified 2006-06-28 JRC NRD-525. Type: HF/VHF receiver: Frequency range: 0.09-34 MHz 114-174 / 423-456 MHz option Mode: All-mode: Sensitivity: Selectivity: Image rejection: Voltage: 13.8 VDC or mains: Current drain: Max ? A. JRC NRD-515 JRC NRD-525 Receiver. Home. Up Front. Newsroom. Editorial. E-Letters. Features. Glenn Hauser's SW/DX Report.

JRC NRD-525 RECEIVER - EUR 299,00. JRC NRD-525 Dieser Kommunikationsempfänger von JRC funktioniert gut. Alle verfügbaren Funktionen und Features wurden in Ordnung getestet. Bitte konsultieren Sie das Internet für die allgemeinen Spezifikationen. Die Konfiguration dieser spezifischen Einheit ist wie für das Standardmodell. Empfangsbereich 90 kHz - 34 MHz. Filter-Setup: Inter-Wide-Aux. Der. RXCommander JRC NRD-525 / NRD-535. A nice and simple JRC-525/JRC-535 remote-control software. Editable list of frequency and preferred stations. Database export and import functions. Audio recorder and playback. Timer functions frequency change, audio recorder, etc. NRD-535 / NRD-535D by JRC, Price and Specifications. Triple-conversion HF desktop receiver. Analogical configuration, frequency range 0.1-30 MHz all-mode. With IF notch filter, sync-AM, pass-band tuning PBT. Ideated in Japan. 昨晩、日本無線製 nrd-525が到着。予定していたアンテナ給電方式の実験は一旦中止。 90年前後、電話級免許を取った頃、毎日そのカタログと睨めっこしていた日々が蘇った。. The JRC model NRD-545 was, at the time of its introduction in the 90s, one of the first receivers with DSP available for the amateur. It marked a positive turn by digitally implementing, among other things, the continuous filter bandwidth adjustment in the last IF and the adaptive noise reduction function.

The NRD-535D was still being produced by the Japan Radio Company until summer 1998, when it was discontinued. The styling of the receiver is a clear improvement over the older NRD-525, and JRC have worked hard to make the set easy to use. NRD-525用に作った怪しげなアダプターです。 前面パネル左サイド:受信用アンテナの切替SW。 Hiインピーダンス、Loインピーダンスのアンテナ切替とインピーダンス変換をしています。.

Background This page is devoted to data from the Japan Radio Corporation model NRD-545 receiver. At first the JRC remote control program called NRDWIN is being used to gather data. Then I will be writing a LabVIEW program to do more interesting things. Add a JRC NRD Receiver to Your Ham Radio. Ham radio is a fun activity to communicate with others across the globe. A JRC NRD receiver will help you to receive station signals to your device. You can find the receiver you are looking for on eBay for your particular ham radio. What is a ham radio? Ham radio is also known as amateur radio.

JRC NRD-525 - Resource Detail - The.

Jrc NRD-525 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Jrc NRD-525 Instruction Manual. Find great deals on eBay for jrc nrd 535 and jrc nrd-545. Shop with confidence.

The NRD 525 - Some problems and cures. The NRD 525 is an excellent receiver and fairly often advertised on the second hand market at reasonable prices. Its front end is well designed with a tuned preselector giving good premixer selectivity, and the first mixer though simpler than that of the later models shows as good a performance. NRD-525, JRC Japan Radio Co., Ltd.; Tokyo Rare 2 additional antenna inputs installed. Superhet, double/triple conversion; ZF/IF 70455/455 kHz Frequency coverage 0.0900 ~ 34.0000 MHz 34.0000 ~ 60.0000 MHz 114.0000 ~ 174.0000 MHz 423.0000 ~ 456.0000 MHz Broadcast, Long Wave and more than two Short Wave bands. Loudspeaker: Permanent Magnet Dynamic PDyn Loudspeaker moving. 今日お預かりしたのは JRC の NRD-525 で先日 HF Tune Unit の TR2~TR5 FET, 2SK125 と電解コン デンサ4個を交換した結果感度が極端に落ちたと云うお話だった。. La DRM Digital Radio Mondiale avec le NRD-525. C'est possible sans aucune modification !!! 8 composants pour utiliser le mixer interne MC3361P.

The Japan Radio Company NRD-525 follows in the proud tradition of the NRD-505 and NRD-515.This multimode receiver tunes from 90 kHz to 34 MHz with a 10 Hz digital display. Four independent filter positions are available with a 4 kHz and 2 kHz filter standard. Select stations via manual tuning, up-down tuning, scanning, keypad entry or 200 channel memories. JRC NRD-525. Wer kennt ihn nicht, den JRC NRD-525G. Ein immer noch begehrter Kurzwellenempfänger. Und das zu recht !! Hinsichtlich Grosssignalverhalten, Empfindlichkeit und Möglichkeit der Signalbearbeitung, ist er immer noch einer der besten Empfänger. Title: NRD-525 Service Manual Author: Japan Radio Company Subject: 1. Operation, 2. Inspection, 3. Trouble Shooting Created Date: 1/22/2003 11:59:18 PM. Review mpn: nrd-535d for sale NRD-535D Excellent Japan Radio Corp Hf Receiver Manual Ac Cord Nrd-535 Jrc Japan radio has designed a special high-speed 1 hz step pll synthesizer to provide you with tuning resolution never before available. JRC NRD-525. Who does not know the JRC NRD-525? It still is a sought-after receiver. And rightly so. As far as large signal rejection, sensitivity and the possibility of signal processing are concerned, it still is one of the best receivers.

  1. This company founded in 1915, is clearly the leading manufacture of top quality commercial maritime radio communications equipment in the world. The JRC NRD-545 DSP is the latest receiver in this very long and very proud tradition. And the '545' may be the finest receiver they have ever offered.
  2. About JRC NRD-525 The resource is currently listed inin a single category. The main category is HF radio modifications, tips & tricks that is about HF radio modifications, ham radio mods kenwood icom yaesu alinco mods. This link is listed in our web site directory since Tuesday Nov 19 2002, and till today "JRC NRD-525" has been followed for a total of 2067 times.


DUST COVER JRC NRD-505 or NRD-515 or NRD-525 or NRD-535 or NRD-545 or JST-135. EUR 31,31 EUR 30,38 verzendkosten; Nog maar 1 over! 3 keer gevolgd. Uit Verenigde Staten; Douaneservices en internationaal traceren aangeboden. JRC Japan Radio DC Power Cord For NRD-525 NRD-535 NRD. The Japan Radio Company NRD-515 has earned a reputation for outstanding quality and unexcelled performance. This radio covers 100 kHz to 30 MHz in RTTY, CW, USB, LSB and AM modes. It is the unchallenged favorite for RTTY/FAX reception, coming from the marine radio tradition for which JRC is.

  1. 13/07/38 · This is my beloved radio. It has all important KIWA-modifications installed: - Audio Upgrade - Sync Detector Upgrade - Ultimate Rejection Upgrade filter - Ultimate Rejection Inductor Upgrade.
  2. JRC NRD-535DB Shortwave Receivers. Discontinued! Replaced by the NRD-545. Please check our Used List. Accessories. Recently Sold Used. Previous Models: NRD-525 NRD-515 NRD-505: Discontinued Communication Receivers: JRC NRD-535D Specifications Rear View Accessories. The Japan Radio Company NRD-535 affords general coverage reception from 90 to 30000 kHz in AM,.
  3. NRD-525 Amateur-R JRC Japan Radio Co., Ltd.; Tokyo, build 1986–1992, 10 pictures, 11 schematics, Japan, tubes, semiconductors, Amateur-Receiver amateur.
  4. U154 Japan Radio NRD-525 $549.95 SOLD Shortwave Communications Receiver The Japan Radio NRD-525 is a multimode receiver that covers 90 kHz to 34 MHz. This JRC NRD-525 includes the manual, White Paper and dust cover.The digital display and keypad are in good shape. Click here to view rear panel [07/03] Click here for technical info on this discontinued model.

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